SMS Surgical Gown

SMS surgical gown: Made of SMS materials that meet international standards, it has high barrier properties to bacteria and liquids, high tensile strength, is not easy to fluff and flakes, and has good antistatic effects and third-antibody effects (alcohol, blood, grease).

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Technical Parameters
Product name SMS surgical gown
Style SMS knitted cuff surgery gown
Material SMS 55gsm
Size S-XXL
Color blue / green
Certificate CE, FDA, ISO13485, SGS
Feature 1: For high and medium fluid resistance.
2: High-strength stitching.
3: Tie knot and knitted cuffs.
4: Tape Teb neck closure is optional.
5: Knitted cuffs are optional, more comfortable.
6: Scope of application: hospitals, laboratories, various areas need liquid-proof protection.
Minimum order quantity: 10,000pcs


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